To ensure regulatory compliance, monitor adherence to the enabling law and policies of the Agency, thereby safeguarding the integrity, reputation, and operational efficiency of the Agency

Strategic Engagement & Partnerships Unit

Strategic Engagement

Source for collaborations and sponsorships to support the activities and programs of the agency and to facilitate approvals for the beautification/ upgrade of  gardens/ recreational centers  across the State.The Unit is also responsible for establishing and maintaining harmonious working relationship with all stakeholders within the public and private sectors


Facilitate the incorporation and integration of Corporate/private organizations to support and participate in the greening initiatives of the Agency through the establishment and maintenance of gardens, planting of trees and promotion of functional recreational parks & leisure. The Unit also drives revenue for the Agency.


Provide System Support Services and Solutions to problems with the use of IT and also to evaluate and install proper hardware and software necessary for the IT operations of the Agency.

Policy, Planning and Project Unit


To ensure standards are set for all stakeholders involved in greening activities of the State.  Also Set rules and standards to serve as a guide for all parties involved in planning, design and implementation of greening works.

Planning and Design Unit

Liaising with other MDA’s, especially MPP & UD on beautification and other related issues as it concerns LASPARK and also other Departments and Units of the Agency, to carry out tasks as directed by the GM.



The Unit coordinates production of architectural drawings (2D and 3D) and compilation of other documents for initiation and achievement of Mr Governor’s approval on the execution of both new and rehabilitation of all recreational park and garden projects across the State. We also carry out other assigned duties such as assessment of relevant drawings and proposals feom both public and private organisations on beautification projects , monitoring of all ongoing projects from inception to completion as well as anchoring all technical matters in relation to beautification  projects.

Horticulture and Landscaping

Plant Nursery Unit

Plant Nursery unit Roles, which involves the maintenance and propagation of ornamental ,tree seedlings plants, research trial, exhibition, fresh flowers bouquet and also assessing site and open spaces for landscaping and beautification and also organizing technical training for youth and students

Tree Planting And Management

The Tree Planting and Maintenance Department of Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency has the following responsibilities;

    1. Planting Trees State-wide and ensuring their survival by collaborating with NGO’s, Corporate Organizations, Schools, Military formations and religious bodies and encouraging individuals to embrace Tree Planting as it is one of the cheapest ways of mitigating Climate Change.
    2. Maintenance of Trees within the State both newly planted and existing trees through pruning/felling and transplanting of trees.
    3. Approves and Issues permit for Tree Pruning/Felling and Transplanting throughout the State.


Monitoring and Evaluation of the general aesthetics of  state of the environment including, LASPARK contracted Horticulturists sites, adopted/ partnership sites, open spaces, road medians, triangular layout, roundabouts etc. to ensure compliance in accordance to the Agency’s terms and conditions and international standard as well as best practices. Issuance of Abatement and beautification notices to environmental violators, referral of environmental obstruction to relevant units or agencies and Advocacy/Sensitization of the public on importance of greening and beautification of setbacks as well as importance of Trees to the State.



Finance & Corporate Services


The Administrative/Human Resources roles within the LASPARK Agency encompass a wide range of responsibilities aimed at supporting the day-to-day functions of the organization and ensuring that administrative processes run smoothly. Admin & Human Resources roles include managing office operations, coordinating meetings, handling correspondences, maintaining records and database, providing administrative support to various departments/units and overseeing all the Five Divisions of A&HR.

Budget and Planning Unit

The Budget and Planning Unit is responsible for preparing and monitoring the Agency ‘s activities ;ensure that the State Budget guidelines are adhered to, advising and reporting on the Agency’s revenue, expenditure and budgetary performance in line with the Lagos State Development Plan 2055.


The department is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with financial regulations, LASG public finance management Law 2011 and other Treasury Circulars; advising the accounting officers on all financial regulation matters and Treasury circulars; ensuring adequate supervision of the disbursement of funds and proper monitoring and accounting for revenue and maintaining proper accounting records such as books of accounts, main and subsidiary Ledgers.


Internal audit is responsible in ensuring that internal control is in place and maintained to mitigate risk in conformity to extant rules and regulations both financial and otherwise.