Is there legislation on tree cutting and felling in Lagos State?

Yes, LASPARK Law No.13 of 2013.

What is the penalty for felling a tree without LASPARK permission?

Yes, Plant five (Yes, Plant five (5) trees to replace one tree felled or pay a fine of N50,000 for one tree, or one (1) year imprisonment.

Is it possible to plant trees that are more viable and still also get oxygen?

Yes, it is possible to plant economic trees because plants give oxygen.

How do we access tree seedlings if we must plant (5) in replacement of one felled?

You can get tree seedlings from any of the LASPARK Plant Nurseries at; Oko-Oba, Agege or Erikorodo, ikorodu.

How do we know the species of trees to plant?

You can reach on our Toll-free line (0800LASPARK – 08005277275).

If we want to cut a tree, what are the things involved and is there any cost attached?

Write a letter of request for pruning to LASPARK.

How do I get the letter of request for pruning to LASPARK?

You can send us an email at [email protected]

In the case of IKEDC and Paper Mill industry, does the State Government or the Agency charge them for tree felling?


Please are get-togethers and birthday parties allowed in the park and if yes is there a fee for it or just gate fee.

Yes. Please you can send an email to info@localhost for further details.

How do I book LASPARK Parks for my event?

You can book any of our Park on our website at

Is there a fee to enter the park? What is the amount?

Park entry is free at all LASPARK Parks.

Is there a fee to take pictures for a photoshoot?

Yes, there is a standard fee for photoshoot. It varies according to our various Parks.

Is there a gate fee to use the park for family day out?

Not applicable but in case of special bookings, it attracts fees.

Is there a legislation on beautification of tenement in Lagos State?


Is there a fine or penalty if the tenement beautification law is violated?

A fine of N250,000 or 6months imprisonment.

Can individuals carry out the beautification without employing a professional?

Yes, as long as it is done according to standards.

How can I partner with LASPARK?

Partnership with LASPARK can be through adoption of a Park or garden or philanthropic support.