Is there legislation on tree cutting and felling in Lagos State?

Yes, LASPARK Law No.13 of 2013.

What is the penalty for felling a tree without LASPARK permission?

Yes, Plant five (Yes, Plant five (5) trees to replace one tree felled or pay a fine of N50,000 for one tree, or one (1) year imprisonment.

Is it possible to plant trees that are more viable and still also get oxygen?

Yes, it is possible to plant economic trees because plants give oxygen.

How do we access tree seedlings if we must plant (5) in replacement of one felled?

You can get tree seedlings from any of the LASPARK Plant Nurseries at; Oko-Oba, Agege or Erikorodo, ikorodu.

How do we know the species of trees to plant?

You can reach on our Toll-free line (0800LASPARK – 08005277275).

If we want to cut a tree, what are the things involved and is there any cost attached?

Write a letter of request for pruning to LASPARK.

How do I get the letter of request for pruning to LASPARK?

You can send us an email at [email protected]

In the case of IKEDC and Paper Mill industry, does the State Government or the Agency charge them for tree felling?


Is the park free?

No. To gain access to the Park is N1000 (One thousand Naira only) per individual.

Is there an entry fee to access the park?

Yes. To gain access to the Park is N1000 (One thousand Naira only) per individual

What is the price for a picnic?

For a picnic without set-up (without decoration), an entry fee of N1000 (One thousand Naira only) per individual is required.

Prices of picnic with set-up?

It varies with number of guest; kindly contact the office on 09113845082 or

What's the address of the head office?

8B Regina Omolara Street, off Awosika bus-stop, Opebi,

Ikeja, Lagos.

Can an adult use the swing at the playground?

No, the playground is for kids/children.

Are there restroom facilities within the park?


Where are the parks located?

Check our parks location on website;

Do we need to pay for the use of convenience?


What are the park's rules and regulations of the park?

Kindly find on our portal;

Or at the entrance of the park

Are there specific guidelines visitors should follow?

Yes, rules and regulations on website;

Are there any restrictions on activities like cycling,

Yes, no riding of bicycle on the lawn area.

Is alcohol allowed in the park?

Yes, but rated 18+

Is fireworks allowed?

Yes, with approval from the Agency and Nigeria Police Force (Explosive Ordinance Disposal).


Are breakables allowed in the Park?

No, breakables are NOT allowed in the Park.

Can we bring in our food and drinks?

Yes, food and drinks are allowed.

Can we bring in our music box?

Yes, at a regulated decibel according to Environmental protection Agency

Can we bring our DJ?

Yes, with the approval from LASPARK

Is Loud Music allowed?

Yes, with a permit from the relevant Authority (LASEPA)

Can we bring in our wine?

Yes, but not in breakables

Is smoking allowed in the park?


Can we play ball on the Lawn (Grass Area)?

No, except on the football pitch

Can we bring in our sachet water?


Are there any upcoming events or programs organized by LASPARK?

Please visit the Instagram page for updates on programs and events.

What is the process to booking a park?

You can book online at LASPARK site:

Or call the office on 09113845082 for further enquiries.

What is the difference between lawn “with or without set-up”?

“Lawn without set-up” is picnic without decoration/erection of tent or cabana.

Can we send our request to the agency email address?

Yes. Send your requests to email address:  [email protected]

Can we setup a day before our event?

Yes. Upon the Agency’s approval.

Can we put chairs/tables/canopies on the lawn area?


Are we allowed to do decorations?

Yes. Upon the Agency’s approval.

Can we rent mat in the park?


Can we rent chairs/tables in the park?

Yes, but in some parks.

Can we bring in our generator?

Yes, upon the Agency’s approval.

Can we bring in our camera?

Yes, upon the Agency’s approval.

What is the price for Photo-shoot?

Personal Photo-shoot is N 5000 (Five thousand naira) only. For other Photo-shoots, contact the office on 09113845082 or visit

What is the price for a video shoot?

It varies with the category of shoot; you can visit for more info.

Can we make use of our drone?

Yes, it varies with the park.

What safety measures are in place within the park?

All our parks are equipped with First Aid box and Fire extinguishers.

Are there Security Officers?


Are there paved pathways?


What are the operating hours of the park?

9am to 6pm.

Is the park Open to Individuals?

Yes. With an entry fee of N1000 (One thousand Naira) only.

Can the closing time be extended?

Yes, upon the Agency’s approval.

Are permits required for certain activities or events within the park?

Yes, Permits are required for all activities.

Can we pay with cash?

No, you can make use of POS at the park OR pay at the Bank

Can we pay with our ATM card?


Can we do a transfer?

Yes, upon the directive of the Agency.

What type of plants and trees can be found in the park?

Different types e.g.

Neem Tree,(Azadirachta indica),

Royal Palm, (Roystonea regia)

Step trees, (Celastrus orbiculatus)

Flame Tree, (Delonix regia)

Are there wildlife or bird watching opportunities within the park?

There are mini zoos and aviaries in some of our parks. e.g.

Geese, Parrots, monkeys etc.

How often is the park maintained, and what measures are taken to ensure cleanliness?

Regularly, Janitorial services are always available during park hours.

Are there designated waste disposal areas within the park?


Can I get contact persons for each park?

Yes. There is a Park Manager at each Park. Contact the office on 09113845082

Is there rebate for staff/VIPs?


What is your refund policy?

We operate zero refund policy.

Can we book an exclusive event in the park?


Can we make use of the basketball court area for a party?

Yes. It varies and upon the Agency’s approval

Can we do our training in the basketball court?

Yes, at a fee.

Can we bring our pupils/students for an excursion?

Yes. To gain access to the Park is N1000 (One thousand Naira) per individual.

Can we do our wedding in the park?


Are pets allowed in the park, and if so, are there designated areas for them?


Is there a first aid station or personnel trained in First-aid?


Is there an emergency exit?


How does the park engage with the public for feedback and suggestions?

Feedbacks are welcomed. You can contact us on 09113845082 or send a mail to [email protected]