Online Payments

  • Click   to generate Invoice/bill
  • Select Payer Type(Corporate Payer or Individual Payer)
  • Input Payer ID and Click Confirm Name (This should bring the name attached to the payer ID)
  • Select Agency Name (Type-L/S and select 77131 -L/S Parks and Gardens Agency)
  • Select Revenue Name (Click Drop down arrow and Select 32714- Ground Rent and other Charges on Toursim)
  • Click Amount Box (Kindly Input exact amount charged  in the invoice sent for your booking)
  • Click on Applied Date (Type in current date in this format 23052023 Or 23/05/2023)
  • Click on  Comment ( Type in the word “Payment”)
  • Click the Web Reference Button and you will be taken to the Web Bill reference Page

On web bill reference Page(This Page displays all the information captured)

  • (You will be taken to the Lagos State Payment Collection WEMA BANK page)
  • Input Your Email And Phone Number and Click Proceed to Payment
  • Make Payment Through Suitable Option (Preferably Bank Transfer) on your phone using your bank mobile app.
  • Enter Actual amount displayed on Screen to make the transfer to the account displayed.(Note that Charges have been added to your booking amount )
  • Click “I have paid button” once the amount is paid
  • Wait for the page to reload Download Receipt from the Wema Bank Previewed Page. You can also download receipt from the mail sent to your email.